Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BES - Activation / Message Issues

Dealt with a rather annoying issue today regarding BES access: 4 users were unable to receive email while others were fine. I was able to figure it out with a little digging and some help from the Blackberry Technical Solution Center.

The Behavior:

- Certain Blackberry users are unable to send/receive email
- In the Application Event logs, you will see this:

1 user(s) failed to initialize

{} MAPIMailbox::Construct - Open Root Folder failed

OpenRootFolder - Mailbox::m_pMDB->OpenEntry (0x80004005) failed

- if you try to remove/add the affected user, you will get the "user(s) failed to initialize) error while still being able to add a new user

Here is what you do:

1) Ensure that the BB Service account (by default, it should be called BES Admin) has all the required permissions according to the setup documentation
2) Use IEMSTest.exe to confirm that BESAdmin has access to the users mailbox
3) Right-click the user in BlackBerry Manager and click "Reload User"
4) If the logs return that the user failed to initialize, restart BES

Note that these steps apply to BES v4.1.6MR and prior. Not sure if the steps are the same in version 5


(From BB KB01150)