Thursday, June 10, 2010

Deploying Raster Design and Civil 3D on 64-bit systems

Autodesk products are currently in flux between native 64-bit support and 32-bit compatability. For 2010 products, Civil 3D is not a native 64-bit application, but Raster Design 2010 is! This causes major issues, when you deploy 64-bit Raster Design, it looks for native 64-bit versions of AutoCAD to link with.

There are a few blogs out there that post the fix, however they are not very clear as to WHEN the fix needs to be applied, basically:

1) Download the compressed package for Raster Design from Autodesk's Website - Or - copy the DVD contents to your Hard Drive
2) Open Setup.ini and change the following line under [SETUP]:

Old: x64_IMAGE_PATH=x64
New: x64_IMAGE_PATH=x86

3) Create your deployment, or install the product manually if you do not have Volume Licensing

What this does, is force Raster Design to install in 32-bit compatability mode (under WOW64) so it looks to "Program Files (x86)" instead of "Program Files" for products that it supports.

Note that if you deploy any native 64-bit Autodesk apps that use Raster, you will have to create a deployment to support those apps as well. This fix also works for 2009 if you are still using it, unsure about 2011.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010