Monday, March 28, 2011

MED-V Deployment Start to Finish

I love working on new and exciting things. Virtualization has definatly come a long way since i started in IT. It used to be the cool thing to use when learning a new OS or method, but now its basically everywhere! Virtual Servers, Virtual Applications, Cloud-based Virtualization ... all of which is very exciting. With a Windows 7 upgrade underway, more and more Application Compatability issues have come out of the wood work ... Apps that are soo old they don't even register in Add/Remove Programs in XP. We thought about Windows XP Mode but balked at the thought of basically doubling our system management workload. Bring on MED-V ... I'm going to try to Blog about the whole process from start to finish. Hopefully someone will find it usefull, or be able to point out where i've gone horribly wrong. This'll be fun!