Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preparing for System Center 2012

I love playing with new tech, especially when it deals with system management.  Recently Microsoft RTM'd the entire System Center 2012 suite and I couldn't be happier.  Whats more, my manager has asked me to take on the upgrade process myself, without support from our external MS Partner!

This will likely spawn a slew of blog posts over the next while about how to prepare the SCCM 2007 environment, Migrate it over to SCCM 2012, then decomission the 2007 environment properly.

This'll be fun!

Troubleshooting Client Install Issues - SCCM 2007

There have been a number of client-side patches released for SCCM over the last few years and I've never truely had successful deployments of them via Client Push.  This is a rather annoying issue because it means that I have multiple client versions which each have their own quirks about them.  The patch would fail with an MSI code 1635 which would also cause the client to install/update as well.

I found this blog post on technet that pointed me in the right direction:

Basically, i added Domain Computers to the share permissions of the SMSCLIENT share on my primary site server.  After that, I was able to deploy the client with the patches and have them install properly!