Wednesday, September 12, 2012

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 - Application Will not Download

With SCCM 2012 there is a new method to deploy applications which utilizes a Single-Instance Store model to reduce file duplication.  While this is a great thing for dealing with storage limits on your Distribution Points, it does have an interesting weakness with some apps, in my case with Autodesk products.  When you try to use the new Application/Deployment Type method to install some Autodesk products, you'll see this in the DataTransferService.log file:

DTSJob {7F2AA6B2-4507-4401-BD6E-99CCB06515B5} in state 'DownloadingData'.
CDTSJob::JobError: DTS Job ID='{7F2AA6B2-4507-4401-BD6E-99CCB06515B5}' BITS Job ID='{2034F6CC-309B-4404-B58E-8CAEBDBDC6F3}' ErrorCode=0x80190194
CDTSJob::JobError: DTS Job ID='{7F2AA6B2-4507-4401-BD6E-99CCB06515B5}' URL='http://ServerFQDN:80/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/Content_dac6f09e-2561-4ce9-b66c-ba803bd0d8a9.1' ProtType=1
DTS job {7F2AA6B2-4507-4401-BD6E-99CCB06515B5} BITS job {2034F6CC-309B-4404-B58E-8CAEBDBDC6F3} failed to download source file http://ServerFQDN:80/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/Content_dac6f09e-2561-4ce9-b66c-ba803bd0d8a9.1/sccm?/AdminImage/3rdParty/x86/VSTA/Program%20Files/Microsoft%20Visual%20Studio%209.0/VC#/Snippets/1033/Visual%20C#/iterator.snippet to destination C:\windows\ccmcache\d\AdminImage/3rdParty/x86/VSTA/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC#/Snippets/1033/Visual C#/iterator.snippet with error 0x80190194
After re-creating the Application multiple times and replacing the files that it was struggling with, I noticed that each time the error happened it was mentioning a different filename, so something else had to be going on.
According to this TechNet post this is a known issue with SCCM 2012 and is going to be addressed with SP1.  The problem has to do with folder names that have # in them.  The post mentions that you can try renaming the folders or waiting for SP1, however there is a workaround:
You can use the legacy Packages method to build these deployments for the time being until SP1 is RTM'd.  While you don't get to take advantage of Single-Instance storage or advanced detection/uninstall methods you will at least have a functioning application deployment.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 - Beware CU1

Microsoft recently released CU1 for SCCM 2012 following its new cumulative update model.  I should have clued in that it was considered a hotfix but I applied it anyway under the interest of wanting my live environment to be up to date for launch.  Boy was that a mistake.

After applying CU1 my Management Point completely shut down, though I wasn't aware at the time that CU1 caused its demise.  After a full weekend of uninstalling and reinstalling the MP, IIS, DP, WSUS, EP, and the Application Catalog website, I remembered that I had installed CU1 so decided to go about removing it.

Went to uninstall the patch using the usual channel (via Programs and Features) however I was unable to uninstall from there.  To uninstall I had to extract the .msi from the CU1 package, right-click the MSI and select Uninstall.  Once CU1 was removed, the Management Point lit right up!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Deploying System Center 2012 - Management Point Issue

While deploying SCCM 2012 to my live environment, I came across a rather annoying issue.  For some reason, clients were not able to connect to the Management Point on the Primary Site.  They would all connect to one of the Secondary Sites, sometimes across the country from their AD Site.

To verify this, I removed all the Management Points from my environment except for the one located on my Primary Site Server.  This resulted in all my SCCM clients showing no Management Point in the Client Properties, a rather annoying out-come.

I noticed that, while the Management Point role installed successfully, it wasn't very active.  In fact, it wasn't doing anything at all.  Interestingly enough, there were only 4 "MP_*.log files on the server, when there are normally a lot more. While trolling through the Management Point settings, I decided to try changing the method that MP accesses the database from the built-in computer account to an account that has access to the SQL server.

After changing this setting, my Management Point woke right up and started talking to clients!